High Fidelity

Our simulator is an exact replica 1:1 scale of the Boeing 737-800 NG. All of the components within the simulator are made to exact scale and functionality of the real aircraft giving you the most realistic experience.

Industry Software

We utilise Lockheed Martin Prepared 3D version 4 for our simulator environment along with leading avionics software. Both of these software packages are the industry standard and are used in flight simulators across the world.

Visual Immersion

Our simulator has a 220 degree wrap around screen - even looking left, right, up or down will still give you outside views in high definition. Our visual system is the most advanced fixed based visual system.

Audible Immersion

Our simulator has a built in sound system with bass boosting sub woofers which will give you the full vibration effect when accelerating and landing. Our audio system is completely surround sound.

Our Boeing 737-800 NG Simulator

Have you ever dreamed of taking control of a commercial aircraft or wondered what it must be like? Now you can experience first hand in a safe environment what it means to be a pilot.

Below are just some of the key features of our simulator:

  • Fixed based Boeing 737-800 NG 1:1 scale
  • Enclosed cockpit as in the real aircraft
  • 220 degree high definition visual system
  • All working switches / gauges / flight computers
  • High fidelity flight model which mimics the real world aircraft behaviour
  • Fly from any airport in the world with real world scenery
  • The ability to simulate emergencies and aircraft failures
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